Lviv-based Hologryph studio and Kyiv-based TowerHaus presented the first gameplay trailer for SAND, a PvPvE shooter about Galicians in space.

As a reminder, SAND was announced a year ago, in June 2023. The game takes place in an alternative version of the XX century, in which humanity, using steampunk technology, began to explore other planets. Ukrainians, as part of the colonizing fleets of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, landed on the planet Sofia, which later turned into a desert, where desperate Galicians travel on huge steam-powered walkers – jumpers.

Key features of the game:

  • battles of both individual players with handguns and walking fortresses-trampolines;
  • the ability to customize and improve jumpers;
  • partial destructibility of jumpers;
  • PvPvE battles;
  • huge open world;
  • tasks and treasure hunts;
  • interesting graphic style inspired by the Art Nouveau era and the style of the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the early 20th century.

In terms of gameplay, SAND is almost an extraction shooter, but in an open and almost infinite world. You can play in a team, or you can play alone. In some ways, it’s similar to Sea of Thieves in the desert on moving steam ships with an emphasis on firearms and resource gathering.

SAND already has a Steam page, so add it to your Wish List. Of course, the game is available in Ukrainian, but for now, special thanks for the Ukrainian voice acting of the trailer, it’s colorful.

The first SAND playtest is scheduled for this summer. To be notified when it starts, players can already sign up for testing in Steam.

SAND is being developed by Hologryph, a Lviv-based studio founded in 2016, which has been part of tinyBuild since November 2020. The Kyiv-based outsourcing studio TowerHaus, founded in 2013 as Velcro Games, is helping the Lviv team. SAND is published by tinyBuild.