It seems that Google is working on new AI functionality for YouTube Music streaming service. In the code of the Android version of the application (build 7.06.53), references to a feature called Ask for Music were found.

<string name=”ask_for_music_prompt”>Ask for music</string>
<string name=”ask_music_submit_button”>Submit</string>
<string name=”ai_feature_input_disclaimer”>AI-generated responses are experimental. Quality and accuracy may vary. Please don’t enter confidential or personal information regarding yourself or others.</string>

It is possible that Ask for Music will replace the current voice search in YouTube Music. The app will be able to generate answers to your queries in a more conversational style. Potentially, it will allow users to search for music by describing what you want to listen to, or ask to play tracks similar to a certain artist’s songs, or generally play something in a similar style.

It is still mostly a guess, but the emergence of such a feature is fully in line with Google’s trend of integrating AI into all its services. Moreover, such competitors as Spotify and Amazon Music have already announced their own AI functions.