Cybertruck has already had a lot of problems with its customers, such as the stuck accelerator pedal, but new ones are emerging. The new reports from car owners and people who ordered the car are about the wiper malfunctioning.

According to The Verge, the forums of Tesla’s new car owners are starting to receive messages from customers who have ordered a car but cannot receive it. Such delays are explained by several problems with the wiper.

Cybertruck has new problems - this time with the windshield wiper

In the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, one of the users reported that the delivery of the vehicles was allegedly delayed due to safety issues with the wiper motor. Later, other users joined the discussion and reported that they had experienced similar cases.

Cnod user said that he picked up a new car, but drove only 32 kilometers before the windshield wiper stopped working right in the middle of a rainstorm. When he complained, he was told that it would take several weeks to replace the motor.

Another user said that he had a problem with his wiper blade. Yet another user, this time in the comments on Reddit, said that his car was delayed due to a problem with the lever.

Tesla has not yet commented on this situation.