In February 2024. Electronic Arts laid off 5% of its employees, or 700 developers. Despite or because of this, the company paid more than $60 million in compensation to its executives in fiscal year 2024.

According to Insider Gaming, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, received $25.6 million in stock compensation this year. Another $35 million was paid to other company executives. This became known from the financial report of Electronic Arts.

Although such payments may be justified, Wilson is definitely thinking of ways to bring more money to the company. In particular, he recently shared the idea of adding dynamic advertising to future games of the studio. He also noted that advertising could become a significant growth driver for EA.

He also touched upon the topic of using artificial intelligence. According to the CEO, AI could increase the company’s productivity by 30% and allow for faster game launches.

In addition to Wilson, Laura Miele, president of EA Entertainment & Technology, also received payments. She received $12 million over the past 12 months. Another reward went to Stuart Canfield, the new CFO who recently took over from Chris Su.

The financial report also states that Electronic Arts generated about $7.562 billion in net profit during fiscal year 2024. This shows a 2% increase compared to fiscal year 2023.