Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard said that the studio does not feel the need to rush the next game in the Fallout series and noted that the franchise has never been more popular. This was reported by Insider Gaming with reference to an interview with MrMattyPlays.

According to Howard, the Amazon series helped Fallout achieve even greater popularity and that after the premiere, millions of players joined the franchise. Despite its popularity, Howard doesn’t think that Bethesda needs to release the next game in the series quickly.

“For other Fallout games in the future, obviously I can’t talk about those right now, but I would say sort of rushing through them, or we need to get stuff out that is different than the work we’re doing in 76, you know… We don’t feel like we need to rush any of that. Right now, the Fallout TV show fills a certain niche in terms of the franchise and story-telling,” Todd Howard said.

He also added that he understands the fans’ desire for a new standalone installment, but also noted that these things take time.

“We just want to get it right and make sure that everything we’re doing in a franchise, whether it’s Elder Scrolls or Fallout or now Starfield, that those become meaningful moments for everybody who loves these franchises as much as we do,” Todd Howard continued.

Todd Howard also noted that Bethesda intends to release annual premium add-ons for Starfield.

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