For Italy (and possibly for most of Europe), the FIAT Panda is a popular cult car: affordable, simple, reliable, and massive. With a bunch of interesting versions, such as 4×4 all-wheel drive or sporty hints. And now the history of FIAT Panda has received a new continuation in the form of the debut of a larger and more modern car with its own name – FIAT Grande Panda.

This name is fair, because thanks to its 3.99-meter body length, the new FIAT Grande Panda moves to the next size class: in fact, it is no longer an A-class hatchback, but a full-fledged B-class hatchback. It is logical, because the new model is built on a common platform with the new Citroen e-C3, a typical representative of the B-class.

Therefore, you can see not only similar proportions and body dimensions, but also expect identical powertrains. For example, the FIAT Grande Panda can be equipped with a 1.2-liter 100-horsepower gasoline engine and a hybrid based on it. In addition, an all-electric version is possible – with an 83 kW (113 hp) electric motor and a 44 kWh battery, which should provide a range of about 320 km.

More details about the FIAT Grande Panda, as well as images of the new model’s interior, will be available closer to the launch of the new model. Hopefully, by that time it will also be known whether the FIAT Grande Panda hatchback will be sold in Ukraine.