Microsoft will postpone the launch of the new Recall feature, which saves screenshots of all user activity in a single chronological feed. This was reported by Reuters.

The company announced an AI-based feature for Copilot+ computers in May. The tool is designed to quickly and easily find and return to previous activities, documents, chats, etc.

However, shortly after Recall’s unveiling, cybersecurity experts started sounding the alarm over potential security risks. In response, it became known that Microsoft was making changes to Recall to make the feature more secure.

However, the company has now decided to postpone the launch of the tool, which was scheduled for June 18. Instead, Microsoft will pre-test it with a smaller group of users due to concerns about privacy risks.

For the next few weeks, Recall will be available for preview only in the Windows Insider Program (WIP). This is a publicly available software testing program that allows millions of “Windows’ biggest fans” to preview future features of the operating system.

The company explained that this decision is based on the desire to ensure a safe and reliable experience for all customers and to obtain additional feedback before making the feature available to all Copilot+ PC users.