You like everything about the new-generation MINI Cooper, but you need more space – what do you do? The answer to this question should be the 5-door version of the MINI Cooper, which has recently debuted.

The overall design hasn’t changed: round headlights and a defined grille, a clearly defined straight line of the window sill, small and almost triangular lights with a symbolic designation of the British flag.

However, the body type and dimensions have changed. The new 5-door version of the MINI Cooper has not only added a pair of doors, but also gained significantly in size – the length now reaches 4.04 m (+17 cm compared to the 3-door version), the wheelbase has stretched by 2.57 m (+7 cm respectively).

The increase in size should affect the interior space in the rear part of the cabin – you should expect more legroom. But the front panel, large round display, wireless charging and the switch block below it remained unchanged. Finally, the new 5-door MINI Cooper promises an increase in trunk space: now 275 liters instead of 210 liters in the 3-door hatchback.

It is currently known that the new model will start its career with two powertrains: either as a MINI Cooper C with a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder 156-horsepower turbo engine; or it will be a version of the MINI Cooper S with a 2-liter 4-cylinder 204-horsepower gasoline turbo engine. You can also count on a 7-speed automatic (there will be no more manual transmission) and front-wheel drive.

Sales of the new 5-door MINI Cooper should begin soon, and the price benchmark in Germany is already known – from 30 thousand euros.