Previously, talk about the new MINI Cooper always focused on the electric version, which seemed quite logical: a compact, stylish electric car for the European market.

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However, it has recently become known that the range of the new MINI Cooper will still include a traditional gasoline car. And not one, but two at once – the standard MINI Cooper C and the “charged” MINI Cooper S.

Visually, the most noticeable differences between the gasoline versions of the MINI Cooper and its electric cousin are the real grille and traditional door handles. At the same time, the round headlights with horizontal dashes inside, as well as the triangular lights stylized as the British flag, have been retained. The difference between the MINI Cooper C and MINI Cooper S is in the logos, 16/18-inch wheels, body decor, etc.

And of course – in the engines! Thus, the base variant of the MINI Cooper C will receive a 3-cylinder turbo engine with 156 “horses”, which will provide acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 7.7 seconds. And the more sporty MINI Cooper S variant will offer a 4-cylinder 204-horsepower engine and acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 6.6 seconds.

In addition, new interesting details have been revealed. For example, in the cabin of the new MINI Cooper, attention is drawn not only to the 240 mm diameter OLED display, but also to the ability to project colorful decorated images onto the front panel. The key switches are assembled into a single unit on the center console, with wireless charging located below it. In addition, the new MINI Cooper can offer several seat finishes, which will depend on the configuration: Essential, Classic, Favoured, JCW Trim.

Sales of the new model will start in the spring and summer of this year, depending on the market. It is likely that the new MINI Cooper C and MINI Cooper S will soon be available in Ukraine.

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