On Monday, June 10, Apple introduced a set of artificial intelligence features Apple Intelligence and announced the integration of ChatGPT into its devices, but the presentation left out information about how much it will cost.

According to Bloomberg, neither company is currently paying the other, and they don’t expect the partnership to generate significant revenue at first. People familiar with the matter say that Apple believes that promoting the OpenAI brand and its technology on new devices is of equal or even greater value than cash payments.

The companies plan to generate revenue from this partnership thanks to users who, after using ChatGPT’s free services, decide they need more and subscribe for $20. At the same time, Apple will receive a share of subscriptions made on the company’s devices.

Apple’s artificial intelligence functions will not cost the company too much, as most of them are performed locally on devices. At the same time, OpenAI uses cloud computing systems to process data for which they need to pay, and the more users they have, the more they pay.