The next version of the operating system for Apple computers is called macOS Sequoia. Along with the Apple Intelligence features, the OS also has several interesting new capabilities that Mac users have been missing.

Continuity extension – iPhone Mirroring

With macOS Sequoia, Mac owners will be able to control their own iPhone. Previously, the Continuity functionality allowed some applications to “pick up” tasks that were just running on one device and complete them on another. With the new OS, Macs will be able to literally control a smartphone in a separate window, without the need for a direct wired connection.

The new functionality also includes the transfer of notifications from iPhone to Mac. This way, you can immediately respond to, open, and manage new notifications from your smartphone apps while working on your computer. File transfer will also be supported. At the same time, the smartphone will remain locked.

Organization of windows

What used to require a third-party application will become a native feature with macOS Sequoia. The operating system will now be able to help you neatly arrange multiple open program windows, depending on the size of your screen. The window itself will only need to be dragged to the corner of the display, and its size will automatically adapt to the free space on the desktop. This can also be done with the help of shortcuts.

Video communication

Video communication capabilities have undergone some improvements. To begin with, the user will be able to add a background image, rather than just “blur” everything behind.

Another useful feature is the Presenter Preview function. So, when a user shares a certain application, the system will add another dialog box beforehand so that they can make sure that only the necessary information is included in the online meeting. This will work not only in FaceTime but also, for example, in Zoom. 


As always, the company calls its browser the fastest in the world, and adds that video streaming in Safari can last four hours longer than in Google Chrome. And with the new release, the browser will get the Highlight feature, which will allow it to evaluate the most important information on a page and highlight it properly.

This can include navigation, music, movies, search summaries, and more. All of this is also integrated into Reeder’s simplified view, and video playback can be brought into a separate window with Picture in Picture. 


Apple continues to emphasize the gaming capabilities of its new Macs. This year, it additionally introduced Game Porting Toolkit 2, which allows porting games not only to Mac but also to iPhone and iPad. As for Macs, Ubisoft was invited to the presentation of macOS Sequoia with Assassin’s Creed Shadows.

Owners of AirPods Pro (2nd generation) will also be able to use the Personalized Spatial Audio feature.

Apple Intelligence

Just like mobile OSes, macOS Sequoia will also get all the artificial intelligence features of Apple Intelligence. Thus, the system will offer generative capabilities for working with text, creating and processing images, improved Siri, access to ChatGPT, etc. Apple’s own applications will, of course, be closely integrated with the new features.  

Other updates

macOS Sequoia is not without additional improvements. These include new collections in Photos, an update to Messages, additional features in Notes – Math Notes, improvements to Calculator, tighter integration of Calendar and Reminders, a new Passwords app, and more. 

macOS Sequoia will allow you to control your iPhone from a Mac, organize program windows more conveniently, and add artificial intelligence

Availability and support

Like other new OSes, the macOS Sequoia beta is already available to developers and will soon be in public testing. You’ll need at least an iMac Pro (2017), Mac mini (2018), MacBook Pro (2018), iMac (2019), Mac Pro (2019), MacBook Air (2020), or Mac Studio (2022) or later to run it.

macOS Sequoia will allow you to control your iPhone from a Mac, organize program windows more conveniently, and add artificial intelligence