Last week, we wrote about A Twisted Path to Renown by Kyiv-based Game-Labs, which was released in Steam Early Access. As it turned out, Game-Labs simultaneously released another of its projects in the Early Access – the real-time wargame Ultimate General: American Revolution, which is part of the popular Ultimate General / Ultimate Admiral series.

Unlike A Twisted Path to Renown, which still has extremely negative reviews, players were more lenient with Ultimate General: American Revolution. As of now, the game has a Steam rating of 67/100 out of 115 reviews, although in some reviews, the authors also note that the game does not meet the state of Early Access and there is still room for optimization.

As a reminder, Ultimate General: American Revolution is a kind of strategic sandbox that covers the events of the American War of Independence in 1775-1783. There is a strategic part where you move armies and fleets, and a tactical part where you directly control large armies or squadrons in battles. There is also the creation of military infrastructure, the arrangement of headquarters, the establishment of supplies, and so on.

To celebrate the release, Ultimate General: American Revolution can be purchased with a 10% discount for 832 UAH. The only available language for the game is English.