Android Authority together with Assemble Debug “dug” into the code of Find My Device v3.1.078-1 and came across some pretty interesting findings. It looks as if Google is preparing to add UWB support to its service, similar to Apple, which already uses this technology.

UWB, or Ultra-wideband, is a wireless communication technology that allows you to transmit an accurate signal over short distances. Unlike Bluetooth or GPS, which track location with an accuracy of meters, UWB can do so with an accuracy of a few centimeters.

In the new version of Find My Device on Android, we found many references to UWB and lines of code with new tracking features. The introduction of this technology can greatly help users find trackers and other devices that support this technology.

To make users’ lives even easier, the company is preparing to add augmented reality device tracking. Lines of code mentioning ARCore were also found in the new version of Find My Device.

It is not yet clear how Google will implement augmented reality, but Samsung already has a similar feature that allows tracking SmartTag, which also has UWB support, using prompts on a smartphone and augmented reality.

Google may add UWB support and augmented reality to Find My Device

So far, there have been no official announcements from Google about any of these features, and the corresponding code in the program is not working, but perhaps we will hear about these innovations soon.

It is also worth mentioning that recently Google launched Find My Device, which can help users find lost devices even if they are not connected to the network.