Instagram is adding the ability to turn off notifications from all but selected contacts. This was done as part of the fight against harassment and mass spam on the network, The Verge reports.

Every user can use this feature if they encounter unwanted messages and comments. It can also be a way to reduce the number of unwanted notifications.

By restricting interaction with everyone except your close friends, you will only see notifications about messages, tags, and mentions from people on your list.

Users who are not on the list will be able to post, comment, and tag as usual, but the app will not send notifications.

The feature is not enabled permanently, for a maximum of 4 weeks, but the app does not have any restrictions on the number of times you can use this feature, so you can simply turn it on again each time.

You can enable the feature in the settings in the “Limited interactions” section.


Instagram is also evolving its restriction feature, which now allows you to prevent selected users from tagging you, as well as hiding their comments.

Earlier this year, Meta launched a new feature that by default prohibits adults from messaging minors on Instagram and Facebook.