Analytical company Stocklytics has published a report based on a survey of 10,000 smartphone users in the United States. The report shows that 57% of Google Pixel owners are dissatisfied with their smartphone and want to choose another brand.

By comparison, 34% of Samsung smartphone owners are hesitant to switch to another manufacturer, and 44% said it was very unlikely. As for iPhone owners, 34% are also thinking of changing their smartphone brand, and the share of satisfied owners was as high as 50%.

Only 25% of Pixel users are confident that they will stay with this brand when they next buy a smartphone. While in many ways the Pixel is the best smartphone on the market, the constant connectivity issues and overheating are too much for some people to handle.

As of the end of 2023, there were more than 310 million smartphone users in the United States. 10,000 is certainly not a large enough sample to be representative of the entire market. However, in absolute terms, this figure is still not small.

Earlier this year, at the MWC 2024 conference, Google Pixel 8 was recognized as the best smartphone, beating out the iPhone 15 Pro and Galaxy S23.