Along with the announcement of the new Copilot+ computers, Microsoft announced a new technology for gaming – automatic super resolution or Auto SR. This is a technology that automatically lowers the resolution of game play to increase frames, and then uses AI to provide enhanced high-definition visuals.

The technology will only work on computers with Snapdragon X processors and will be automatically enabled in games that have emulated x64, ARM64, or DirectX 11/12 internal platforms. Among the games that have already received Auto SR are Borderlands 3, God of War, The Witcher 3, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Dark Souls III.

Microsoft explains how Auto SR technology works on Copilot+ computers

Support for the technology can also be checked at, which shows other games available on ARM.

Other requirements include Windows 11 version 24H2 or higher and a minimum screen resolution of 1080p. Auto SR cannot be used in conjunction with HDR, so you’ll need to turn Auto Super Resolution off to play HDR content.

Microsoft will also allow you to enable this technology for additional games in the graphics settings. If you leave it simply enabled, Auto SR will start to propagate the changed resolution to other applications if you exit the game with Alt+Tab.

This may cause the unsupported resolution to disappear from the game’s internal settings menu to make it easier to select the mode that is automatically supported.

Alternatively, users will be able to configure Auto SR for each game individually.

Microsoft explains how Auto SR technology works on Copilot+ computers