Tesla is pushing its suppliers to start producing key components outside of China and Taiwan. This was reported by Asia Financial with reference to Nikkei Asia.

The automaker is taking such measures even though Tesla CEO Elon Musk is stepping up efforts to more actively promote itself in the Chinese automotive market.

According to the newspaper, Tesla has asked its suppliers of printed circuit boards, displays, and electronic control unit systems to move production from these markets next year.

In its notice to suppliers, Tesla cited growing geopolitical risks in China ahead of the US presidential election in November.

Suppliers contacted by the Nikkei said that while other American automakers such as Ford and General Motors have also made similar inquiries, Tesla has been “the most aggressive.”

By the way, it was recently reported that Tesla is continuing to implement a plan to use data from China to train its Full Self Driving system. The company is considering processing it directly in China.