Tesla is continuing to implement its plan to use data from China to train its Full Self Driving system. The company is considering processing it directly in China. Reuters reports this, citing sources familiar with the matter.

As part of this plan, the company plans to build data centers in China to train the algorithms needed for full autonomy of cars. Until recently, Tesla has also been trying to get permission from Chinese regulators to transfer data from its electric vehicles in the country.

If the company does decide to build data centers, it will have to cooperate with local partners. At the same time, it is also reported that the company was in talks with NVIDIA about the possibility of purchasing GPUs. It’s worth noting that US sanctions prohibit NVIDIA and a number of other companies from selling their most advanced chips in China.

Such plans were particularly intensified during Elon Musk’s trip to Beijing last month. He met with Prime Minister Li Keqiang. Two sources said that during this meeting, Musk wanted to make it easier to obtain permission to transfer data from electric vehicles from China.

At the time, they also discussed the potential possibility of opening data centers, as well as the possibility of licensing the Full Self Driving system to Chinese electric car manufacturers. Earlier, Musk also said that Tesla was talking to other major automakers about licensing opportunities, but did not name them.