Intel has revealed the release window for its Lunar Lake laptop processors. The new x86 chips will appear in the third quarter of this year and are designed to work with artificial intelligence in Copilot+ PCs, The Verge reports.

The Lunar Lake chips will be equipped with a central processing unit, an integrated Xe2 GPU, and a neural processing unit (NPU). Intel claims three times the artificial intelligence performance of the previous Meteor Lake.

The Lunar Lake NPU is capable of performing more than 40 terra operations per second (TOPS). Meteor Lake, by comparison, can perform 10 TOPS.

Intel claims that its Lunar Lake processors are 1.4 times faster in Stable Diffusion 1.5 mode compared to the ARM-based Snapdragon X Elite, which is currently emphasized by Microsoft.

Intel plans to introduce its Lunar Lake chip in more than 80 new laptop models from more than 20 manufacturers.

More information about Lunar Lake can be expected at Computex next month and the Hot Chips conference in August.