The Lviv studio Hologryph and the publisher tinyBuild announced a sci-fi shooter SAND, which tells about the people of Galicia, who master the distant planet Sophie.

The events of SAND take place in an alternate version of 1910, in which humanity, using steampunk technology, went into space and began to colonize other planets. One of the leading forces of extraterrestrial colonization was the Austro-Hungarian Empire. At the beginning of the colonization, the Kaiser promised the citizens various preferences and a large piece of the planet Sophie, so the Ukrainians gladly got down to business.

Unfortunately, due to an ecological disaster, the seas and oceans of Sophie have turned into a desert, and now the most desperate rascals cross them on huge steam walking mech – tramplers, which look like hybrids of steamships and cities on wheels from the books / movie Mortal Engines.

Trampler is a player base that can be customized and improved. It seems that this will also be a hub from which players, alone or together with other players, will go on missions in the abandoned city in order to find valuable loot necessary for survival on Sophie.

Judging by the description, SAND is a PvP-PvE shooter with a hostile open world, anomalies, abandoned cities, monuments, and more. Such a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. on another planet in a western/steampunk setting. Well, it looks interesting, and special thanks for the trailer in Ukrainian.

There is no release date for SAND yet, but there is already a page on Steam, so the game can be added to the Wish List. In addition to PC, the game will also be released on consoles.

The Lviv studio Hologryph was founded in 2016, and since November 2020 it has been a part of tinyBuild. Hologryph already has one successful project released in 2019 on Windows PC and Xbox One – a social multiplayer horror Secret Neighbor. According to various estimates, the game sold between 400,000 and 960,000 copies on Steam alone.

SAND is already the second sci-fi shooter from Lviv developers that was announced during the week. A few days ago we first heard about Discovery, another interesting game created by Lviv residents from the Stepico Games studio.