Microsoft has decided to add the next Call of Duty installment to Xbox Game Pass. The Verge reports that the company will announce that Call of Duty will be added to its game subscription service during the Xbox presentation on June 9.

The issue of Call of Duty appearing on Game Pass has been speculative for a long time. The franchise sells well enough at the full price tag of $70 and even more. On average, Activision sells 20 million copies of each game in the series.

Moving such a profitable series to the Game Pass catalog can have a big impact on the company’s total revenue. Yes, it can add quite a few more subscribers to Microsoft’s figures, but is it worth the millions of dollars that the franchise traditionally earns?

Microsoft may reportedly raise the price of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with the addition of Call of Duty to the catalog.

Activision is planning to release a new Call of Duty installment at the end of October this year. The game is rumored to be set during the Gulf War in the 90s.

Microsoft will hold its big summer Xbox presentation on June 9, with a special Call of Duty screening right after the main show. The show will also announce release dates for upcoming Xbox games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, Avowed, and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.