Comcast, the largest cable network owner in the United States and the largest Internet provider, will offer its users a set of three streaming services – Netflix, Apple TV+, and Peacock. This was reported by Variety.

The company’s CEO Brian Roberts said at the conference that the new set, called StreamSaver, will be available to all Comcast broadband, TV, and mobile customers.

Of course, the bundle will cost less than if users paid for each streaming service separately. According to Roberts, the price will be much lower compared to other offers currently available. However, the exact price has not yet been announced.

Recently, a similar set of sets was announced by Disney and Warner Bros. that will sell three of their streaming services – Disney+, HBO, and Hulu – as a set.

The decision to create bundles of their services was also driven by the companies’ desire to reduce the number of users who cancel their subscriptions. The companies hope that in this way, streaming services will be able to better retain their audience.