OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is convinced that the iPhone is the best technological product ever created. He expressed this opinion in an interview with All-In podcast, Slashdot reports.

“I personally think the iPhone is like the greatest piece of technology humanity has ever made. It’s really a wonderful product,” said Sam Altman, speaking about the development of technology.

At the same time, the OpenAI CEO was unable to answer the question about what will happen after the iPhone.

“I don’t know. I mean, that was what I was saying. It’s so good, that to get beyond it, I think the bar is quite high,” said Sam Altman in this context.

It is noteworthy that he makes these statements while Apple is close to concluding an agreement with OpenAI to use ChatGPT technology in the iPhone.

During the conversation, he also spoke about artificial intelligence and music. According to him, he proposed an experiment to musicians in which they could create music to develop a training set where the model could learn about the structure of songs or a good beat.

“I was posing that as a thought experiment to musicians, and they were like, “Well, I can’t object to that on any principle basis at that point — and yet there’s still something I don’t like about it,” Sam Altman explained.

In this regard, he mentioned the recent Ipad Pro ad that angered many people. In the video, which was released on May 7, a hydraulic press destroys musical instruments, and a modern Apple device appears instead.

The OpenAI CEO emphasized that he has a positive attitude towards artificial intelligence, “but there is something beautiful, in my opinion, in human creativity and artistic expression.”

He believes that when AI improves science, the reaction will be “great, go for it.” But what happens if AI engages in this “deeply beautiful human creative expression”?

“I think we should figure out — it’s going to happen. It’s going to be a tool that will lead us to greater creative heights,” said Sam Altman.

But he advises figuring out how to do it in a way that preserves the spirit of what “we all care about here.”