The built-in Windows screenshot tool Snipping Tool has been updated with a set of new features, including the ability to read QR codes, but Microsoft is not going to stop there.

According to TechRadar, citing an X post by PhantomOcean3, Snipping Tool may also get the feature from Bing.

As you can guess from the post, Snippint Tool will be able to search for similar images to the screenshot in Bing’s own search engine.

It is not yet clear how the search will work, but it will probably be similar to the image search function available in browsers.

Although it looks like another attempt to promote Bing, and potentially Edge, because where else would the results be displayed, this feature may actually be useful for certain users. Although there will be complaints that Microsoft is cluttering up the Snipping Tool interface even more.

The new feature was found in build 11.2404.37.0, which is not part of the new update.