This year, Xiaomi released its first electric car, SU7, which is going to compete with such automakers as Tesla and Porsche. Time will tell whether it will succeed or not, as Xiaomi is facing various quality issues at the start of sales, but the manufacturer will most likely gradually solve them. But what Xiaomi has definitely managed to do is draw attention to its electric car, not only with its performance but also with the ability to install additional accessories.

Social media are gaining popularity with videos that reveal the possibilities of customizing the Xiaomi SU7 interior. The manufacturer has provided for the possibility of installing a number of accessories in the car and now sells them separately.

As you can see from the video, SU7 owners can install an additional electronic clock with a speedometer, a mechanical control unit for the infotainment system and climate, which in the basic version are implemented via a touch screen, something similar to a cabin aromatization system, a neck pillow, and even additional LED lighting.

In general, it is worth noting that it is a good idea to place additional connectors in the cabin with the ability to install various accessories. Perhaps other manufacturers will also take this opportunity into account, and maybe even expand it.