The Xiaomi SU7, Xiaomi’s first attempt to create its own electric car, has had its successes, such as more than 70 thousand orders, and the company plans to sell 100 thousand within a year, but it has not been without its problems.

Apple Destroyer user in X posted a thread with clippings from China Insider’s David Zhang and China Observers’ YouTube videos about the Xiamoi SU7’s problems. The first problem is that the car does not have a mechanical door lock, it is only electronic and does not unlock if the Xiamoi SU7 loses power, which can happen in an accident.

There are also complaints about poor quality materials and problems with the airbag, which failed to deploy in one of the worst accidents the SU7 has been involved in since production. The automatic parking system works too fast, which can cause damage to the car.

The car also has problems with the brakes. Because of the small brake pads, normal braking, including emergency braking, is very difficult. The car starts to skid, which also causes accidents.

In general, during its first launch, Xiaomi SU7 was often involved in accidents. The media notes that the company was more focused on marketing than on bringing the car to good condition.

In addition, it looks like the company skimped on many aspects of the Xiaomi SU7. The company promised that the anti-corrosion paint would last for 12 years, but in some cases, the paint peels off within a few days. The company also saved money on soundproof glass, which is single-layer, which is why the car’s noise insulation is worse than models in this class.