Team Fortress 2, Valve’s 17th anniversary multiplayer shooter, has finally received support for 64-bit systems for Windows/Linux clients and servers in 2024. Valve announced this on the game’s Steam page.

The update is connected with the gradual abandonment of native support for 32-bit programs in popular operating systems, as well as with a major update of Team Fortress 2, which is scheduled for the summer of 2024.

Support for 64-bit systems is supposed to increase game performance by 20%. Unfortunately, Valve doesn’t seem to be going to solve the problem with bots that has been bothering players in Team Fortress 2 for many years.

Despite its venerable age, Team Fortress 2 is still played by many people. According to SteamDB, the maximum online is 70-80 thousand players daily, and the largest number of players in Team Fortress 2 since its release was recorded not so long ago, only in July 2023 – 253,997 people online. So it seems that this game will bring Valve a lot of money for a long time.