Although Team Fortress 2 still has quite a large “army” of supporters – according to SteamCharts, its online still has up to 100,000 simultaneous players (which, by the way, regularly secures the game a place in the TOP10), yet it seemed that Valve had long ago and finally given up active support for the legendary shooter, which was released as many as 16 years ago.

Suddenly, an entry called Attention, Steam Workshop Creators! appeared on the official blog. In it, the company announces a major update to Team Fortress 2, due out this summer.

Unlike previous years, when the developer released only minor item updates during the summer, this year they promise a full-scale update: with new maps, items, taunts, “unusual effects”, “war paints” and more.

But it seems that the developer is too lazy to do all this work, so they asks for help from the game community: “we need content in the Steam Workshop!”. Valve promises to review all custom content submitted to the Workshop by May 1st and include the best work in the summer update.