Netflix has unexpectedly announced that it will stop reporting the number of its subscribers on a quarterly basis

Netflix has announced that it will stop reporting its subscriber numbers on a quarterly basis. The decision is seen as a sign that the years of winning customers in the streaming video wars are coming to an end, Reuters reports.

Streaming will stop disclosing quarterly information on the number of subscribers starting from the first quarter of 2025. Instead, the company will make relevant announcements after reaching milestones.

In the first quarter of 2024, Netflix managed to attract 9.3 million new customers. The figure was almost twice as high as analysts’ forecasts. As of the end of March, the total number of streaming service subscribers reached 269.6 million.

“This change is really motivated by a desire to focus on the key metrics that we believe matter most to the business,” said Greg Peters, one of Netflix’s CEOs.

In February, analysts from UBS Securities said that in 2024, Netflix will raise prices to accelerate revenue and profit growth.