In the United States, the proposed deadline for the sale of the TikTok platform owned by the Chinese company ByteDance may be extended to one year. This was stated by the chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee Maria Cantwell, Reuters reports.

As you know, in mid-March, the House of Representatives passed a bill “To protect Americans from programs controlled by foreign adversaries.”

The document stipulates that ByteDance must sell TikTok to a company that is not affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party, or the app will be blocked in the United States. The sale is currently scheduled to take about six months after the law comes into effect. The bill has now been sent to the Senate.

However, Maria Cantwell now says she likes the idea of extending the sale period to one year.

“I think that would be a good component to ensure success,” she said. “We talk to our colleagues, people have questions.

A recent survey by Savant shows that only about 28% of Americans support the ban of TikTok. At the same time, respondents believe it is possible to find a way around the TikTok ban. Approximately 60% of respondents said that “their friends” would continue to use the social network if it were banned.