Evil Empire, the developers of Dead Cells, announced The Rogue Prince of Persia at the Triple-i Initiative presentation. The game, as reported earlier, will be a roguelite, which involves procedural generation of levels and complete loss of progress in case of loss.

The studio is known for its support of Dead Cells, which was developed by another studio – Motion Twin. Evil Empire took over the project in 2019 and added a lot of new content, collaborated with games such as Hollow Knight, Castlevania, and Hotline Miami. 

Motion Twin у цей час також займається новою грою в жанрі roguelite, Windblown.

The Rogue Prince of Persia will be released on May 14 on Steam in early access, and the developers will continue working on the game based on player feedback. The final release date and the list of platforms are still unknown.