Fallout is a mixture of contradictions. The games of this series can be eerie and dramatic, and the next second they can be silly and humorous. The showrunner of the upcoming series, Geneva Robertson-Dvore, wants to keep this combination, The Verge reports.

The author says that the games in the series are a mixture of strange comedy, drama, violence, and truly convincing moral dilemmas.

Unlike other video game adaptations, Amazon’s Fallout is not a direct adaptation of an already told story. Instead, the series will take place in its own corner of the universe, in Los Angeles, more than two centuries after the nuclear explosion that turned America into a radioactive wasteland.

The series is reportedly inspired by, among other things, cult westerns and will tell the story of three characters from different perspectives.

It is thanks to the different characters that the authors plan to achieve different moods while watching. For example, the ever-positive protagonist Lucy is forced to deal with a robot that tries to harvest her internal organs.

The Fallout series will premiere on April 10 at 18:00 Pacific Time, which is 4 a.m. on April 11 in Ukraine.