Apple is updating the virtual avatars in Vision Pro to make collaboration with the headset more natural and its users less lonely, writes Engadget.

This is the Spatial Personas feature, which allows you to bring people’s avatars into a virtual space and place them next to users.

Together, they can work on presentations, watch movies via SharePlay, or play games as if their Vision Pro friends were right there with them.

Spatial Persona is available for up to five participants who have a Vision Pro running visionOS 1.1 or later. Avatars look much better than before, although they are still somewhat robotic. However, Apple is constantly improving them.

Of course, this option cannot be a complete substitute for the real presence of other people. But such avatars can be useful, as they give the impression that your friends are right there with you.

By the way, a new application has recently been found for Vision Pro: in the UK, the Apple headset was used for the first time during a surgical operation.