A new application has been found for Vision Pro: in the UK, the Apple headset was used for the first time during a surgical operation. The Daily Mail writes about this case.

The device came in handy at the private Cromwell Hospital in London. Here, Vision Pro was used during a spinal surgery on a male patient.

The headset was worn by a nurse who worked alongside a surgeon named Syed Aftab to help prepare, monitor the procedure, and select instruments. Vision Pro allowed them to see the real world, but with overlaid virtual screens that displayed vital information.

According to the surgeon, the software is able to turn an operating room nurse with whom he has never worked-which is common-into someone with ten years of experience.

The software also allows you to record every stage of the operation. This will allow them to assess how well the operation went compared to similar procedures performed by other surgeons.

The nurse with whom the publication spoke is positive about the use of this technology in medicine. In her opinion, it has changed the rules of the game. It also eliminates human error and gives confidence.

By the way, earlier owners of Vision Pro complained that the headset was uncomfortable to use, which is why they returned it, but apparently there were quite a few of them.