The famous American TV host Jon Stewart told the head of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Lina Khan, that Apple did not allow him to interview her for a podcast on streaming, writes AXIOS.

“I wanted to invite you to the podcast, but Apple asked us not to,” said the host of The Daily Show, referring to the podcast as part of The Trouble with Jon Stewart on Apple TV+.

According to him, he was literally told not to talk to the head of the FTC.

“I think they just… I don’t think they cared about you, that’s what happened,” Jon Stewart said in a conversation with Lina Khan.

He said this shortly after the U.S. Department of Justice and 16 state and district attorneys general sued Apple, accusing the company of abusing its monopoly position in the smartphone market.

Among other things, the lawsuit also states that Apple’s dominance could harm freedom of speech.

“Apple’s behavior goes beyond monopoly profits and even affects freedom of speech. For example, Apple is rapidly expanding its role as a TV and movie producer and using it to control content,” the lawsuit says.

Last year, Jon Stewart’s show on Apple TV+ was closed due to the topics of AI and China. After that, the TV host returned to The Daily Show.