ChatGPT can now be used without creating an account. This is stated in the report of OpenAI.

This means that visiting will no longer require users to log in. Although they can still do so if they wish.

The innovation is being introduced in several markets, but it will gradually spread to the whole world.

Unregistered users will be able to use ChatGPT to their heart’s content, but the set of features available to them will be limited. For example, they won’t be able to save or share chats.

At the same time, all user chats will be included in the training data unless you opt out of this option. To do this, click on the question mark in the lower right corner, select settings, and disable the described function.

ChatGPT can now be used without registration, but the chatbot’s functions are limited

By the way, in February, OpenAI started testing ChatGPT’s ability to memorize information in user chats to use it in future conversations. The user can ask the chatbot to memorize something specific, and the system will automatically save this data.