This week, OpenAI will test ChatGPT’s ability to memorize information in user chats to use it in future conversations, reports Engadget.

The company aims to solve one of the biggest drawbacks of communicating with an AI chatbot when ChatGPT forgets everything after the conversation is over.

This is done for privacy reasons, but it prevents the technology from becoming a true digital assistant that knows the user well enough to really help them with their business.

Therefore, OpenAI will enable ChatGPT to memorize important personal data from previous conversations and apply it to new queries. Users will be able to ask the chatbot to remember something specific, and the system will automatically save this data.

OpenAI ChatGPT memory

ChatGPT’s memory will improve over time. The goal is for the chatbot to become smarter and, more importantly, more adaptable to the specific needs of users.

According to the company, the system is trained not to memorize certain information, such as health status. Users will also be able to control what information ChatGPT stores or disable this option altogether.

Testing will begin for a limited group of users. Later, OpenAI will share its intentions to launch the described features on a wider scale.