Embracer Group CEO Lars Wingefors said that the company is completing the optimization process and is now focused on making “just good games.”

Speaking to investors, Wingefors said that after cutting more than 1,300 jobs, canceling dozens of games, and closing studios such as Free Radical and Volition, the team’s main focus and priority was “increasing profitability and generating cash flow by simply making better products and games.”

«We are now in the final stages of looking at the future of the group, and that is our main focus and priority – how we organize and structure ourselves, how we use our assets that we have in the group, how we make them work together, and how we can better utilize them by working together, using different functions», – said Wingefors.

The latest step in the large-scale restructuring was the sale of Gearbox Entertainment, the studio behind Borderlands, for $460 million.