CD Projekt Red Chief Financial Officer Piotr Nilubowicz said that he sees no place for microtransactions in single-player games. This was reported by Insider Gaming with reference to Nielubowicz’s interview for

“We do not see a place for microtransactions in the case of single-player games, but we do not rule out that we will use this solution in the future in the case of multiplayer projects,” said Nielubowicz.

Despite the fact that microtransactions are already a standard in multiplayer games, such solutions are not well received by players in single-player games. For example, Dragon’s Dogma 2 received a barrage of criticism for the ability to buy in-game currency, the ability to change pawns, and even fast travel.

CD Projekt Red has not yet been noticed for such a practice. All single-player games of the company come with a full set of features and content that the player can and should receive independently through the game, not through microtransactions.

Despite this, Nielubowicz did not deny the possibility of using microtransactions. Although we are unlikely to see them in the sequels to The Witcher or Cyberpunk, there will be other projects where such a monetization system could potentially be introduced.

The company is currently working on The Witcher 4, which already employs more than 400 people, the second part of Cyberpunk, a game in a new universe, and the Sirius project. The latter may well get microtransactions, as the game is rumored to be multiplayer.

CD Projekt Red sees no place for microtransactions in single-player games