Google starts showing AI search results to users in the US who have not signed up for this option, writes Engadget.

This is a feature that is available to Search Generative Experience (SGE) subscribers on the Search Labs platform. Now, a small number of people who do not have a subscription can try it.

Google search results generated by AI will be displayed in a separate section. It will contain a brief answer to the user’s query and a link to additional information.


Google introduced SGE at its I/O developer conference last May. In the summer, the company announced an update to its artificial intelligence-based search engine.

Back then, Google’s improvements were aimed at helping people better understand complex concepts or topics, improve their coding skills, and so on.

The new section will display information from AI if it is better than other search results. Testing the feature, including among people who have not signed up for it, will allow Google to better understand how generative AI can help those who are not interested in it or those who are not tech-savvy.