Google has announced an update to its artificial intelligence-based search engine, Search Generative Experience (SGE). It was reported by TechCrunch.

The company’s enhancements are designed to help people better understand complex concepts or topics, improve their coding skills, etc.

One of the new features will allow you to hover over words to see their definitions and related images or diagrams. This feature will be available in Google’s AI-generated answers to topics or questions related to specific subjects, such as STEM (technology, engineering, math), business, history, and others.

Another new feature will help those who use SGE to get help with programming. New features will make it easier to understand and debug the generated code.

SGE now provides AI-generated overviews that help with language and tool-related tasks, allowing users to find answers to their questions or review generated code snippets. In the update, code snippets are now color-coded. This makes it easier to identify keywords or comments.

Another exciting SGE option will help users interact with long content to make it easier to find. For example, on web pages, users will be able to see an AI-generated summary of the key points of an article, with links that take the user to the part they are looking for.

This feature will be available first on Android and iOS, and later on the Chrome browser for desktop computers. For now, it will be positioned as an early experiment in the Search Labs program.

As a reminder, the tech giant announced that it began opening access to Google Search Generative Experience and Code Tips and Add to Sheets in the U.S. this spring.