Apple is talking to Chinese company Baidu about a possible partnership to add generative artificial intelligence to iOS 18. This was reported by 9to5Mac with reference to The Wall Street Journal.

The reason for this communication is probably due to the requirements of Chinese law, which requires that AI models be approved by the regulator before they can be used in China.

Currently, no AI models from Google or OpenAI are available in China, but the regulator has approved more than 40 models from Chinese developers, including Baidu’s Ernie Bot.

Despite the company’s intention to add artificial intelligence features to the next version of iOS, no decisions or agreements have been made yet. Earlier, Apple was talking to Google about the possibility of using Gemini in the iPhone. It was also reported that the company spoke with OpenAI.

Artificial intelligence should appear on the iPhone with the release of iOS 18, which will potentially be presented at WWDC in June.