Helldivers 2, the new hit from Arrowhead Game Studios, has sold over 8 million copies in over a month since its release, reports Bloomberg.

Neither Sony nor Arrowhead provide official sales information, but Doug Kreutz, an analyst at TD Cowen investment bank, said that approximately 8 million copies of the game were purchased.

On Steam, the game had a peak activity of 458,709 thousand players. Currently, about 370 thousand players access the game on a daily basis. There is no information about players on PlayStation yet.

Even the developers themselves did not expect such popularity for Helldivers 2, which is why the game had problems with servers at the beginning, but now the game is ready to accept 800 thousand players at a time.

At the moment, Arrowhead hasn’t said anything about future plans, but the studio’s CEO Johan Pilstedt promises that players will have a lot of interesting things to look forward to.