A real week of high-profile premieres! These days I talked about the Dodge Charger, and now we have another interesting new product. The company Rivian showed not only the expected Rivian R2 crossover, but also a couple of smaller models. But there is one “but”…

What was expected: Rivian R2

Rivian follows Tesla’s path in many ways: a new automaker in general, only electric cars, the release of large and technologically advanced flagships at first, and then the transition to more mass models. In the case of Rivian, it is the new Rivian R2 electric crossover, which is aimed at competing with the Tesla Model Y.

The dimensions are approximately similar: 4715 mm long and 2935 mm wheelbase. However, the body design is completely different: instead of a teardrop-shaped silhouette, we have a classic crossover with flat surfaces and straight lines. Of course, except for the oval headlights, which have already become a trademark of Rivian electric vehicles.

The Rivian R2 5-seater interior follows similar shapes and “design codes”: straight lines and smooth contours around the central horizontal display. The classically shaped steering wheel is equipped with a pair of round switches, a large storage box is installed between the driver and front passenger, and the interior is finished in calm colors. The Rivian R2 crossover tries to look modern and at the same time be cozy.

By the way, he is also trying to combine emotions and practicality. For example, the possibility of fully lowering the windows (side and rear) has been promised, which should create the impression of a convertible. At the same time, the Rivian R2 electric car has the ability to fold not only the rear sofa but also the front seats: this way you can transport long items or even arrange an overnight stay in the cabin.

And all this at a price of about $45 thousand – at least, this is the price promised for the Rivian R2. However, we will have to wait, because the production of the electric car will start only in 2026. By the way, by that time (and for less money), you can expect something else from Rivian…

Something that was not expected: Rivian R3 and Rivian R3X

If the appearance of the Rivian R2 was expected, the debut of the compact crossovers Rivian R3 and Rivian R3X was a pleasant surprise. By the way, one can still argue about the definition of “crossover”, because Rivian R3 is so reminiscent of a familiar hatchback!

However, the word “compact” has already been defined. There is currently no exact data on the length of the Rivian R3 electric vehicle, but its wheelbase is known to be 2800 mm. Taking into account the short overhangs, we can count on a total length of about 4.5 meters. And now add the lower price compared to Rivian R2 – and what do we get in the end?

We get that the new Rivian R3 is exactly the competitor to the Tesla Model 2 that has been promised recently but has not yet been shown. But Rivian’s rival already exists! And with this move, Rivian is not just catching up with Tesla, but is even ahead of the curve in terms of preparing an affordable mass electric vehicle.

And not just one. After all, along with the Rivian R3, the Rivian R3X crossover was also presented: it is a more sporty, powerful, off-road version of the “three”. There are few differences, but they are noticeable: a front bumper with protruding orange eyelets, similarly orange mirror housings, an enlarged anti-wing and a modified rear bumper, original wheels. It also has a brighter and more emotional interior.

It is interesting that all three new models – Rivian R2, Rivian R3 and Rivian R3X – are based on a common new platform. It provides for the possibility of changing the wheelbase, as well as the implementation of different types of drive and different numbers of electric motors: one (rear-wheel drive), two or three (all-wheel drive). The power of the electric motors and battery capacity have not yet been announced. However, all models are promised a maximum range of about 300 miles or almost 500 km, as well as 0-60 mph acceleration within three seconds.

It is expected that production of the compact Rivian R3 and Rivian R3X models will begin after the launch of the Rivian R2, meaning that we will have to wait at least until mid-to-late 2026. However, the company has ambitious plans: two factories (in the US, Georgia and Illinois) and a production capacity of 215 thousand electric vehicles per year. So: even if we have to wait for the new Rivian, it looks like it will be worth it!