Denys Lesyk, concept artist of Lviv studio Hologryph, posted a link on LinkedIn to his page on ArtStation, where you can find new art from the sci-fi shooter SAND, which Hologryph is developing.

As a reminder, SAND is a PvP-PvE shooter with a hostile open world, anomalies, abandoned cities, monuments, etc. set in an alternate reality where the Austro-Hungarian Empire colonizes space and Galicians explore the remote planet Sofia. The game was announced in the summer of 2023 with an interesting trailer with Ukrainian voice acting.

The new artwork shows the abandoned Grand Hotel Sofia on the planet Sofia, the Lemberg brewery, the Hospoda restaurant, street battles in the city, and a storyboard for the trailer.

Since the announcement, Hologryph hasn’t said much about SAND, so let’s hope that this is a controlled leak and we’ll see more news about the game in the future. As a reminder, you can sign up to participate in the closed alpha testing on SAND and add the game to your Wish List on Steam.