As Grand Theft Auto VI reaches the final stages of development, Rockstar Games is asking all employees to work from the office, reports Bloomberg.

Starting in April, employees will have to return to the office and work in this mode 5 days a week. Jenn Kolbe, the head of Rockstar’s publishing department, said that this decision was driven by productivity and security.

Previously, Rockstar Games has already suffered from leaks of information about Grand Theft Auto VI. Thus, videos from early builds of the game and even a trailer appeared on the Internet on the eve of its official release.

According to Jenn Kolbe, in addition to safety, the company also sees other benefits in returning to the office. She said that this will allow the company to present the new GTA at a high level of quality.

The long-awaited GTA VI will be released in 2025. Meanwhile, GTA V has sold over 195 million copies in more than 10 years.