Soon after the announcement of massive layoffs in Sony’s gaming divisions, it became known that due to staff cuts at Firesprite, the development of a new game in the Twisted Metal series was canceled. The information was released by the famous Bloomberg gaming journalist Jason Schreier.

Firesprite is primarily known for the VR games The Persistance and Horizon Call of the Mountain for PS VR.

Schreyer also said that the numerous rumors that the game was supposed to be released this year were false. It was in the early stages of development and had to be pitched to Sony to get the green light for further development.

It seems that Sony has been seriously disappointed in the chosen direction of multiplayer service games, for the development of which it acquired Bungie in early 2022. The chairman of Playstation reported his dissatisfaction with the studio and his intention to increase control over it.

Sony has already canceled the promised multiplayer modes for The Last of Us and Horizon. Also unknown is the fate of a new project announced by Bungie called Marathon.