Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024, a new device that should help users track their physical condition and sleep more conveniently, Engadget reports.

The Galaxy Ring will be available in silver, gold, and ceramic black colors and will hit the market later this year. This ring, which was announced without details at the Unpacked event last month, is designed as a wearable device with a set of sensors designed to monitor health.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Galaxy Ring will be available in sizes from 5 to 13 with batteries ranging from 14.5 to 21.5 mAh, which should meet the needs of a wide range of users. The exact battery life of the device remains unknown, although for comparison, a competing ring from Oura can last up to seven days on a single charge.

The Galaxy Ring will track sleep using heart rate, motion, and breathing sensors, offering personalized advice based on the data collected. In collaboration with Natural Cycles, it will also track fertility, similar to the Galaxy Watch. Additionally, the ring introduces My Vitality Score tool to measure vitality levels and provide feedback via “booster cards” with science-based advice derived from sleep and other data.

As part of the Samsung Health ecosystem, the Galaxy Ring will work alongside the Galaxy Watch, allowing users to track their health in a more comprehensive way. The advantage of the ring is that it is more comfortable to wear at night, offering an unobtrusive option for continuous health monitoring.

More details, including the full range of sensors, price, and exact launch date, will be revealed in the coming months. Initially, Galaxy Ring will only be compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones, with plans to expand support to other Android and possibly iOS devices in the future.