Samsung has announced a new addition to its health and fitness devices – the Galaxy Ring. Its teaser was shown during the announcement of the Galaxy S24 line. This upcoming smart health tracker, designed to be worn on the finger, promises health tracking capabilities based on artificial intelligence technologies. However, details regarding its features, price, and official launch date remain undisclosed.

The Galaxy Ring has been the subject of speculation and leaks for some time now, and its trademark was registered in early 2023. The ring has already been mentioned in the beta version of the Samsung Health app, and according to rumors, the accuracy of measurements with the Galaxy Ring may be higher than with a wristwatch. The teaser shown at the event hints that more information about the device will be revealed later this year, possibly along with the new Galaxy Fold and Flip foldable smartphones that are usually unveiled in the summer.

The teaser shows that the Galaxy Ring will have a multi-purpose sensor, probably for monitoring heart rate and other health indicators. Samsung also announced that the Galaxy Ring will be available in 13 sizes and three colors.