At the Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase, an updated edition of Shin Megami Tensei 5 Vengeance was shown. The fifth main installment of the giant Shin Megami Tensei series with many spin-offs – one of which was once Persona, which eclipsed the main series with its popularity – was released exclusively for Nintendo Switch in 2021.

And now SMT 5 is getting a new edition called Shin Megami Tensei 5: Vengeance. It has a new main story that develops in parallel with the original one, significant changes in the combat system. But the updated version will now be available on June 21 on all current platforms, i.e. PC, Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series, and, of course, Nintendo Switch.

The game is set in two parallel versions of Tokyo – one doomed to perdition, where angels and demons are constantly at loggerheads, and the other relatively normal, where most of the story events will take place.

Fans of Atlus games are probably not surprised by this news. This is not the first time the developer has re-released its games with large-scale updates, improvements to the combat system, and even rewritten scenarios. This happened with Persona 3, which first received the FES expansion pack, with which the game received an epilogue up to 30 hours long, and then was re-released for the PSP with a new playable character to play through. And, of course, the remake of Persona 3 Reload, which became the record fourth relaunch of the game.

Persona 4 received a large-scale Golden expansion 3 years after its release. Catherine received Catherine Full Body, Persona 5 – Persona 5 Royal.